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One day trip to Guadalest

Guadalest is a hilltop village perched high in the mountains about 65km from Alicante and 25km inland from Benidorm. It overlooks a valley through which the Guadalest river runs. Carved out of a mountaintop, the village offers some of the most spectacular scenery in Spain.

The castle, built by the Moors in 715AD, was an important strategic point at various points in history. It suffered much damage from a major earthquake in 1644 and during the Spanish War of Succession in the early 18th century. Its fortifications are so strong you can access it and its village only through a 15-foot tunnel cut through rock – the Portal de San Jose – at the top of steep steps.

There are a number of small museums to visit, a traditional house, or you can just wander around enjoying different amazing views from various viewpoints. You will enjoy the stunning scenery, both at Guadalest and on the drive to and from it.

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