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Costa Blanca experience: Is It Worth It to Rent a Convertible?

In my opinion, renting a convertible for a holiday at Costa Blanca, Spain is totally worth it. I rented one the second time I went to Alicante and I had such a great time. If you can afford it, go ahead and book a convertible without hesitation.

That being said, renting a convertible may not be the best solution for everyone. There are obvious 'pros' but also some 'cons' you need to consider.

Cool Rentals - Costa Blanca: the Pros

I won't spend much time trying to convince you that driving a convertible on the scenic curvy roads of a Mediterranean paradise is an awesome feeling. Who wouldn't agree with that?

Just for the pleasure of exploring the world-famous beaches, caves and mountain villages, it's worth it to rent a convertible. The scenery is so breathtaking that you thank yourself every five minutes for having picked a 'roof-less' car. Believe me, you truly appreciate your full 360-panoramic view!

Driving a convertible somehow makes you connect a little more with your surroundings. After all, you are pretty much 'outside'.

You can feel the sun on your skin and the cool wind from the shore. You can even hear the birds and 'smell' the forest and the sea.

Driving can't compare to hiking, where all your senses are fully involved. But driving a convertible certainly brings you one step closer to 'feeling' the area.

Already convinced that you need a convertible?

Find the best rates and driving experience at I guarantee that this will not be just another rental car you will never recall again.

Cool Rentals - Costa Blanca: the Cons

It would not be fair to say that renting a convertible is all benefits.

Before you make your decision, you should consider those 3 points:

  1. Number of passengers and luggage

  2. Gas consumption

  3. Budget

1. Number of Passengers and Luggage

A roadster is perfect for 2 people. The seats are comfortable and you have room for your luggage in the trunk.

If you're traveling with kids, unfortunately you`ll have to look for another option.

If you have a lot of luggage it will simply not fit in.

The trunk can take one larger or two cabin bags (preferably softside), along with some space for more smaller soft bags in the corners. A shelf behind the seats can be used for coats and soft bags.

That's not that bad if you're only two and if you stay at the same place for your entire vacation. But if you get kids or extra passengers or if you plan on moving a few times from rentals to rentals, that might become a real problem.

In this case, I would recommend renting a convertible for a couple of days only so you can enjoy the benefits without the disadvantages.

2. Gas Consumption

Another point to consider is the gas consumption. A lot of people think that convertibles as a rule consume more. Consumption of Mazda MX-5/Miata is actually not that high. Due to its low weight and great balance, the fuel consumption is comparable to Standard class cars with similar power output. Well, if we compare the fuel consumption per seat, consumption of MX-5 is higher, as it has only 2 seats.

3. Budget

Special treats do cost extra money? Not necessarily!

In most cases you have to be prepared to pay twice (or even three times) the price of an Economy or Standard car. With Cool Rentals - Costa Blanca that is not the case! During the summer season, the prices to drive 'in style' start from 30 Eur/day with full insurance included. That is comparable to the rental price of a Economy car!

And the fun can't compare the joy of driving MX-5/Miata with almost anything else!

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